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The 5C Photographic Approach

Here's how the 5C Approach will change your photography forever.

A better way to learn photography

Why improving your visual insight is so much better than photo tips and techniques.

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Teachable photos

Before you can expect to take exceptional photos you need a foundation in the fundamentals of art and a superior approach for applying them. The Teachable Photos reinforce and expand on the 5C Photo Course.

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Summary for creating exceptional photos

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Photography lessons from The Natural Beauty Of Alabama

This case study shares knowledge I gained in creating The Natural Beauty of Alabama. It covers my thoughts about each photo and touches on topics like book design and printing. It comes free with the purchase of the The Natural Beauty of Alabama.

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"Emory's photographs of nature are stunning in their clarity, intensity, and vivacity ... breathtaking beauty."

James R. Nelson
Visual arts critic for The Birmingham News - regarding an exhibition of dye transfer prints.


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Landscape galleries with photography lessons 

Every landscape has its own unique challenges. Discover what works best for each of them and how to refine your compositions into works of art.

The Cahaba Lily

Caney Creek Falls

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